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Everyone’s life has become hectic and stressful due to the fast paced lifestyle. This lifestyle takes a toll on our body and mind as we have so many things to do and juggle every day. Therefore, we have to be ready with a strong mind and healthy body to deal with the complex lifestyle. We can take care of our lifestyle by eating healthy food and taking proper sleep. However, to relieve mental stress, a spa session is a good solution. It helps relax your mind as well as your body.

A regular spa session makes you forget all your worries and relax your body and mind. A good body massage with a spa therapist will make you calm and ward off your stress. Besides availing spa at home in Pondicherry, you can also avail treatments such as facial, manicure, pedicure, foot massage and many more are to pamper yourself and relax.

My Locanto Massage Pondicherry also provides other excellent services like auroma massage, thai massage, hot stone massage, female to male massage in Pondicherry. Travelling in metro cities is a huge hassle, and to overcome your troubles, we bring services like massage and beauty services in Pondicherry. You just need to book for our professionals, leave the rest on us, and thank us later!

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Nowadays it’s hard to find some time to relax our mind and body because of hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles. Hence, we need to take break from the busy lifestyles to pamper our mind as well as our body. One of the best sources of physical relaxation for men is a relaxing massage session. It is what most men need, but can’t get because of a shortage of time. This is why we, at Urban Company, came up with massage at home services for men — a high quality massage delivered by our skilled professionals at the comfort of your own home.

Massage Spa In Pondicherry

Why do men need a regular massage?

Regular massage is advised for men if you see any of the following signs

• If you suffer from stress

It has been found out that even a 30-minute simple head and shoulder massage can calm down your nerves and relax your mind and body.

• If you have a body ache

A regular session of massage alleviates all kinds of body pain. Massages like deep tissue massage or Thai massage also helps to manage lower back pain and other aches.

• If you have trouble sleeping

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep a light pressure aromatherapy massage is the best for you. If you get it regularly, you will sleep peacefully and your mornings would be fresh and active.

• If you fall sick continuously

Getting a 45-minute Swedish massage helps get rid of disease-causing pathogens by increasing protein levels in the blood. An effective massage on a monthly basis thus improves men’s health.

• If you are fitness enthusiast

Being a fitness enthusiast is the best gift that you could give yourself. But the downside of exercising is body ache. In that case, you could add massage to your fitness regime. The massage will help your body become more flexible with smooth flow of blood and thus make exercising easier for you. A massage works as a therapy to reduce soreness as well as strain or pull in your muscles and helps you to relax.

Besides these reasons, there are other reasons too to get a regular massage. It helps deal with hectic lifestyles and provides men with the much-needed relaxing care. They can feel fresh, relaxed and de-stressed after a good massage session.

Massage services offered by Locanto Massage Pondicherry

Locanto Massage offers a range of massage services for men and Female at Choice of best massage centre in pondicherry. You can book for simple head and shoulder massage or full body massage of different kinds through Locanto Massage Pondicherry whenever you want.
Find best massage centre in pondicherry and are fully equipped with all the necessary tools used in the massage in pondicherry. They are highly skilled and experienced massage therapist in pondicherry . They use superior quality products and maintain hygiene and cleanliness. You get all of this at very affordable prices for full body massage in Pondicherry.

Body Massage In Pondicherry Price

Price range of body massage therapy in pondicherry, puducherry.

Body Massage Therapy in Pondicherry

Massage Price in Pondicherry

Full Body Massage

Rs.1500 / 60 Min

Full Body Oil Massage

Rs.2000 / 60 Min

Couples Massage

Rs.2500 / 45 Min

Foot Massage

Rs.499 / 25 Min

Head Massage

Rs.499 / 25 Min

Four Hands Massage

Rs.3000 / 60 Min

Female To Male Massage

Rs.1500 / 60 Min

Back Massage

Rs.999 / 30 Min

Thai Massage

Rs.2000 / 60 Min

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs.2000 / 45 Min

Auroma Massage

Rs.1000 / 30 Min

Happy Ending Massage

Rs.1500 / 45 Min


Types Of Full Body massage in Pondicherry for stress relive

  • Swedish Massage: This is the most popular massage type which is designed to resolve several health issues including the arthritis pain. This massage involves long stroke of the muscle. Thus it reduces the stiffness of joint and muscles. It helps the muscle to relieve from pain. Female to Male Body Massage in Pondicherry is so amazing that will pull you again and again towards their center.
  • Hot Stone Massage: In the hot stone massage, hot stone is placed on the back as you lie on your stomach. The hot stone sends soothing heat to the muscles and tissue. Thus it helps in releasing the muscle stiffness. Sometimes cold stones are also used in place of hot stone. Anyways, the therapists use their hand as well along with using hot stone for this massage. Our massage center in Mumbai offers this special massage type. So, visit the centre and book your massage at the cheapest rate.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massages are greatly beneficial for the arthritis pain. The therapists use intense stroke to calm down the deep layer of the tissue. Severe pain in the connective tissue and muscle are greatly treated by the deep tissue massage.
  • Shiatsu Massage: This is another popular form of massage which is believed to ease all kind of pain. The therapists know a specific spot on the body that can release pain from all over the body.

These are four popular form of massage that works to ease the arthritis pain.

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